• Chemical ProductsLubrication - Adhesive sealant - Tar-LMB

  • Chemical ProductsLubrication - Adhesive sealant - Tar-LMB


Mercury is one of the leading companies in the petrochemicals market which specializes in bulk delivery of oils, lubricants, emulsions and other chemicals for fifteen years.

The success of the company is based on the ability to keep stable relations with partners thanks to profound knowledge of the petrochemicals market, own developments in the field of labor and production management and a custom-tailored approach.

Nowadays the company is recognized both in Russia and abroad. Mercury is the main supplier for many Russian aerospace, shipbuilding and aircraft repair companies and other ministries and agencies.

Mercury develops and promotes new products as well as purchases, distributes and delivers various products.

We offer a wide range of products:

dielectric fluids

special fluids

enamels, varnishes, paint materials

hardeners and solvents


sealing compounds




freon and many other products

Mercury provides full compliance of products with specifications thanks to a special quality control system and availability of all the products on stocks, which makes it possible to execute any order in the shortest possible time.

We are looking forward to cooperation with state and private companies in the market: Your effectiveness together with our resources and technologies is a real way to manufacture new high-quality products.

Having experienced highly qualified personnel and great scientific potential, Mercury is a reliable partner for many leading manufacturers.

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